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"You don't have to like every woman but every woman deserves respect."

Meet Yolanda

Yolanda Brathwaite is the Founder and Executive Director at Grown Girls NYC, Inc. She started this organization to create a network of sisters that were committed to supporting and empowering women to achieve their fullest potential.

Her initiative to achieve this task led her to writing the Award Winning, Amazon Best Seller Book "The Sister Code".

From there, Yolanda has written her second book an Anthology, "Girls Pep Talk", to encourage women who may not have a circle of support in their own community to be encouraged by the words shared by other supportive women.

Mrs. Brathwaite has graced the pages and was featured in the following published magazines: "Hott in Birmingham", "VoyageATL, "She Is", "Black and Published", and "Faith+Work Magazine". Currently, Yolanda's latest literary work is titled, "Tales of a Grown Girl: Sex, Drugs and Freedom". She was a featured author at the 2022 Essence Festival and also hit the #1 Best Seller with the kindle version of her latest book.


In 2023, her latest book was produced into a Stage Play. Tales of A Grown Girl:The Stage Play toured between two cities in August and September. 2024 promises to take the Stage Play even further with a concentration on young girls who may be struggling with their mental health.

Yolanda's inspiration and motivation comes from her mother who she watched raise herself and her sister as a single parent. She was taught that she could be strong, loving and in charge of her own world. The future is bright with infinite possibilities for Grown Girls NYC, Inc. and Founder/Executive Director, Yolanda Brathwaite. Stay tuned as Yolanda has barely scratched the surface of her potential.

Glambitious 2.jpg
Yolanda GG Features

Being a woman is so empowering. We’re strong, ambitious, and wear many hats. I am so proud of my gender and enjoy every minute of being a woman. We want to be understood and would like to be respected. I love a little friendly competition every now and then but to never be happy for your  "Sisters" accomplishments and continuously try to show them that you’re better? Isn't a 'Sister Code' way to be.


That kind of behavior doesn’t make you a good a friend, and definitely not a 'Grown Girl'. So in this book journey Sister Code volume 1, I express my opinion on ways that women can come together and have mutual respect for one another, as well as dwelling in peace with each other. 


"You don't have to like every woman but every woman deserves respect."

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