Grown Girls Story

Does a girl who walks in her God-given purpose slays in confidence? What about a girl who conducts herself in the spirit of excellence? Does this say that she desires the best for herself?

Owns her mistakes and holds herself accountable for her actions. Can a Girl inspire, empower, uplift, and supports her fellow sister? How about caring and building up her community? Can she make God decisions daily and live authentically in every area of her life? Does she pray for others and love everyone whom she is called to love?

These are all great qualities in women who are secure in themselves. But let’s take a moment to focus on a more youthful look at what is referred to as Grown Girls. Grown Girls have these same respectful qualities but with a unique twist. They are young at heart with a zap of energy to endure every obstacle that gets in the way of her path to greatness with a fierce, confident and bold approach. Grown Girls live up to this powerful name in two ways. The Grown role has knowledge of who she is while the Girl role represents a youthful spirit, high energy and a strong heart. Grown Girls have a “No Limits” stance when it comes to achieving their goals. They desire to be around other Grown Girls who share the same goals. They believe in bettering themselves, regard family as a high standard and enjoy serving in their community. Feel like you’re a Grown Girl? Then say it with confidence: I am a Grown Girl! Get out of your comfort zone and say “Yes” to Life. Help others see the greatness within themselves. There’s room for everyone to walk in their Purpose! God fearfully and wonderfully created us all individually and did not make any of us the same exact way!

As founder of the Grown Girls NYC movement, Yolanda Brathwaite had a vision to unite young women to come together for the betterment of sharing the same goals with one another. Grown Girls focus on lifting other sisters up instead of tearing them down. We often see enough of that in the social media world, but the time has come to raise the standard on how young women interact with each other. We must understand that supporting our fellow sister is much more than saying congratulations on her success. It’s time to do more in action! Show your sister how much you support her by picking up the phone to tell her how proud you are of her.

Show up for her by attending a special event that she is participating in. Send her flowers on a special occasion or a card that simply says “Thank You” for your support. Get to know some personal things about her and speak life to her gifts.

On the contrary, know how to constructively give your fellow sister an opinion of herself in love.

We are unique in our gifts and need to know how to show up in each other’s lives without jealousy, animosity or strife. We are not perfect, and we will make mistakes. Grown Girls share that common goal of succeeding together.

Why the name Grown Girls and not Grown Women or Ladies, you might ask. Simply put, to be a Grown Girl, you must have a level of maturity that can turn anything negative into a positive. A Grown Girl has a mindset of excellence and desires to see her sister excel in every area of her life. A Grown Girl will not even have to speak for someone to recognize her strength, beauty, or kind spirit. A Grown Girl is approachable, teachable and knows how to walk away from something or someone that sends a negative vibe. A Grown Girl cares about others in a BIG way

and is not afraid to show her sister in action, how much she cares, versus mere words.

Grown Girls learn how to pray for one another because they understand the Power of Prayer and there’s a secret being shared at this moment about Grown Girls. She is ageless! There is no age range so embrace the name. Let’s all be Grown Girls!

As you can see, the Grown Girl Movement is all about being your sister’s keeper with genuine support. When you walk past the mirror and catch a glimpse of yourself, see a Grown Girl who is walking in her God given authority and power to be an agent of the change she wants to see in the world. Grown Girls is a sisterhood of women who have teamed up to empower, inspire and help each other heal. They hold each other accountable and take responsibility in sharing their knowledge through coordinating events, workshops, fundraisers and collaborating with other organizations and business.

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