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A Girls Pep Talk Presents:

free downloadable e-book series

7 Powerful Ways to Bounce Back from Failure 


Discover The 7 Most Powerful Ways To Bounce Back From Failure. You'll discover the science behind facing setbacks and how it impacts us physically and emotionally. Failure is not THE END; but instead, it's the beginning of something greater. You will learn the best tips on how to master yourself all within this one eBook.

5 Quick Ways to Clear Your Mind of Stress 

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Being a mom, wife, and a entrepreneur isn't an easy calling. There are constant ups and downs, and some days it seems to get entirely out of hand. The workload is always heavy, and the emails continue to flood into your inbox, and you often feel as though everything that could go wrong is exploding in your face.

The pace you set every day often seems frantic, and the constant interruptions disrupt your actions, as well as your focus. Learn five ways to clear your mind with this short ebook.

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