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Partnership: Grown Girls and Momma's House Teen Moms Housing

When Yolanda Brathwaite award-winning author and nonprofit leader met with Patricia Bogda of Momma’s House on Tuesday afternoon they knew this partnership was a great match!  Yolanda is so excited to be teaming up with Momma’s House, a young womens’ shelter.  Here’s some details of this great news:


How did this partnership come about?

Well you know how serious I am about my work empowering ALL women in our community.  I’m always looking for ways to expand and have a larger impact for women.  In this case, I had a particular interest in focusing on the young women.  During the search, I came upon Momma’s House and read everything they were doing.  We had a meeting with them to further discuss how we can work together for the betterment of these young ladies.  After the meeting I was like, “Let’s do this!”


Yolanda, why did you choose Momma’s House?

We chose Momma’s House because our mission and vision at Grown Girls are very much aligned with those at Momma’s House.  Both organizations focus on the young ladies in our community.  We wanted to be a part of empowering these young ladies to make an impact in their lives and community.  By helping them to develop the necessary life skills to make it in this world through Young Grown Girls we can make that happen.


Tell us more about Young Grown Girls.

Young Grown Girls is subsidiary of Grown Girls NYC & ATL, Inc. and was formed to support the young girls in our community.  Because you know, before you become a Grown Girl you must first be a Young Grown Girl!  Our focus is on supporting, inspiring and celebrating each other – drama free!   Young Grown Girls looks forward to doing more work with Momma’s House.


Tell us more about Momma’s House.

For over 30 years Momma’s House has provided homes for young mothers ages 18 to 24 years with their babies in Long Island.  At Momma’s House they seek to give the mother the opportunity to continue her education or vocational experience interrupted by pregnancy.  With guidance and direction, the young mothers can learn to support themselves and their children independently.


How will Young Grown Girls contribute to empowering the residents of Momma’s House?

Just as we have hosted workshops for our Grown Girls we plan to do the same for our Young Grown Girls at Momma’s House.  We want to help these young ladies build self-esteem, confidence and beauty from within so that it glows on the outside.

Plans are well underway for Young Grown Girls to donate hygiene products to the residents of Momma’s House from time to time.


How can readers keep in contact with you?

You can reach me at:

Website:  www.growngirlsnyc.com

FB: Young Grown Girls

Instagram: Young Grown Girls

Email: YoungGrownGirls@yahoo.com

For more information about Momma’s House visit: www.MommasHouse.com