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We started our mission representing powerful women who have established themselves as leaders as they empower all aspects of life with no negativity and inspire other women and young girls to be future leaders.


As Yolanda has healed from her past, she now has a more focused mission to use her story to help the next generation coming behind her to heal from abuse. The goal is to provide a safe space for young girls to care for their mental health and letting them know that they are not alone.


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GrownGirls NYC is an establishment of women who believe in the power of themselves and other women who share the same goals. These women are GrownGirls rather than “GrownWomen” or “GrownLadies” for two reasons: "Grown" identifies the characteristics of being mature, responsible, and accountable and knowledge of one’s self.

"Girls" represents the youthful spirit, energy and strong hearts. All of these are key ingredients in establishing a GrownGirl. GrownGirls are forever young in their life ambitions to better themselves and their communities.


As a GrownGirl we work to provide honest content that inspires others to lead by example. The world can never have enough GrownGirls if you are interested in becoming one click here to get started.


I am a GrownGirl, We are GrownGirls.”

Yolanda Brathwaite is the creator of GrownGirlsNYC. Born in Long Island, NY, from a very young age she was motivated to be independent following in her mother’s footsteps.


Her mother raised her and her sister as a single parent. Despite any forms of adversity, her mother was still able to provide for them without excuses. That strong leadership helped Yolanda to become a positive influence on her two children, family, friends, and community.


After graduating from Hempstead High, at the young age of 18, she owned and operated Black Reign Hair Salon. Here she learned early about the hard work and dedication that is required in life to succeed.


In 2014 Yolanda started All Girls/Guys Rocks (AGR) as an apparel company. The idea was to remind the world that despite their circumstances they are strong individuals. With the success of that, it grew to include GrownGirlsNYC as well.


Yolanda has had her own medical issues as well including kidney failure and being diagnosed with potential breast cancer. Those setbacks have not stopped her. She continues to live her life to its fullest potential. She currently works full-time as an anesthesiology tech. With her youthful energy, she even has time to brand and establish GrownGirls NYC as a loving wife, mother, and grandmother.

Grown Girls NYC is a Sistershipof women who have teamed up to empower, inspire and heal in order to grow from girls to women in holding each other and themselves accountable and take responsibility in being their sister’s keeper through coordinating events, workshops, fundraisers, and collaborating with other organizations and businesses.


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Good morning love. I want to hug you and scream thank you!!! I have been through a lot personally the past 2 years; this last year being one of THE toughest battles. I don’t have a strong support I thought I did anyway. See, everyone was/is around for the pictures and smile but nobody knows/cares about the day to day sacrifice. Being the “strong one” I’m supposed to always have it together AND be there for others. I blamed myself for “making it look easy”, for being a doormat; I fought silently just God and I. God makes NO mistakes and truly prepares us for our next steps. I share this in full transparency not to air out my business but to give God glory for YOU!! You, Mrs. Yolanda through your FB has truly helped me get up out of bed the days I swear I couldn’t; YOU Mrs. Yolanda have silently helped me crawl out of a dark place and still help me to grow daily!! Today I am able to simply breathe a breath of fresh air because even when the enemy tried to distract me with social media...YOUR feed ALWAYS came up reminding me who I am! I don’t even know you personally but I know nothing is a coincidence so today I scream THANK YOU!!! For ALL that you do and ALL that you help UNKNOWINGLY!!! May the favor of God FOREVER shower you!! 

Signed Miss V

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